Jonathan Hine

the shining blast spirit seems dark


if restricted feelings each play with the universe it can color low a clear array of humming to

the slow clash of souls


a light ethos among condensed pastoral

light palettes

a very amplified fold of sinister space driving feelings

a fear viel of unavoidable light

inducing extreme humming geometry moment by moment

in cartoonish and sudden transformations

of one dimensional misfortunes and lost personal flashes

thousands of clouds broader among the colors


the crisis flame projectiles from house radio whisperings burst into extreme facades of street smoke


signal spatters vast and unreal

David Sprehe

Colors lighted in my eyes

stream flow twirling and ricochet.

I blast tracked in a monkey trap seeing in mind

a number of good things such as

a beautiful woman with an unpracticed smile,

tellin’ the boss “I quit”,

and a child’s conception.

Shift back forth

sought meaning underneath worm bellies,

rose to heavenly height,

then shattered by an alien existence

childlike in the best and worst

crushed and berated

laughter and kindness.

Ain’t it strange way we build our worlds?

Constructed unknowingly dangerously feeling our little tendrils into spaces

Filling ‘em with our dreams and cruelties

weeping guts and smiling

heart pounding thinking this is it




swallowed into a mucky shadow.

Wishes not realities, though we build ‘em such ways and forget.

Then we hurt

less we get lucky and meet soul tuner who twiddles like me.

Collaboration on highest ground until flecks appear dusty

and foundation cracks

refusal to yield

can’t meld


save ourselves.

Whole thing’s towered up

then struck with different tongues

suddenly like “What the heck happened? I used to love you.”

It’s second law of thermodynamics,

universe hates energy input,

nature’s silly complexities,

just wants some tasty flat.

Then why, you know?

Who knows?

Kerryn Tredrea


howl if you must.




take me now
while we’re dancing,
you choose the music
while i play something
sexy and evil.
within this skin
lie the secrets of the visceral,
i drag them out
and lay them at your table.


take me here,
where the mercies
that you seek must be fought for,
muscles must melt and
beasts must bay at the moon
before this is finished.
it is an irresponsible moon
that watches over
our dark acts.


take me to the brink as
the whole darkness
consumes us,
sink your talons deep
into my breast, for my
sweet meats lie within.
show no sorrow,
plunge deep to scoff
upon my entrails
before the palsy happens.


take me to the point where
i am tipping


wicked is the sin
that trips us
as st. vitus dances
up my spine and our loins
explode with truth serum,
howl if you must.





it’s five minutes to midnight
and i’m taking a clown’s advice,
it’s laced with ennui and cynicism
and dick jokes that
we can both laugh at.

i buy him a meal because
i can see that he has been crying,
and over his black coffee steam
he tells me to abandon the tightrope
and hitch myself to a carny
cos the best any of us
can expect is mud.

outside the world remains
ringleader distant, and it’s late but there
is still news to deliver.
i promise to plant mushrooms
on his grave so he can carry on
entertaining the living.



Alex Salinas

Lingering rainstorm, September 2018


Hear it,

this lingering rainstorm like a lover’s goodbye.

Remember it,

breezy and gray like a Russian’s eye.


Visit the cemetery.

Kneel by your grandfather’s grave.

Tell him dirty jokes.


Then stop by Wu’s for fried rice.

Say a prayer before your meal.

Taste your dripping self in the steamy grains.

Say a prayer after your meal.


The humidor should still be open; buy a cigar.


Return to the cemetery.

Kneel by your grandmother’s grave.


Light your cigar.

Puff it carefully.

Drift away, slowly.

Apologize to Grandma for smoking in her presence,

though she smoked her whole life.


Appreciate the soaking your skin’s endured.

You’ll realize later you won’t need to shower.


But don’t be fooled for one second.

No flood can wash away your color,

your blood.


You’re like a star unable to hide from the cosmos.


One day,

you’ll tear a black hole in the fabric surrounding you

like a knitter with a shaky hand.



Ian Copestick

Across The Pitches

Gazing across the
Football pitches, over
To the woods. Trees
All the way to the
Horizon where they
Meet the cloudy
Autumn skies.
A church spire to
My left is the only
Man made thing
That I can see,
Except for the
Goalposts on the
Football fields.
I watch old people
Walking their dogs
As I sit here craving
A cigarette. 3:30 on
A Wednesday afternoon.
A couple of raindrops
Fall, so I come out of
My reverie. Stand and
Walk home where there
Is T.V. and cigarettes

Hunter White

I Miss It


I miss it

The beach

But not just any beach

A particular beach

On the Forgotten Coast

Many don’t know about it

But that’s how I like it

Every day it creeps into my thoughts

And I long to be there every day.

The feeling of warm sand underfoot

And the grains between your toes

Running to the water

Jumping in

Only to be shown the power

As a wave knocks you down

And you get back up to do it all again

The water is warm

The waves are noisy

But the noise is relaxing

Causing a unique kind of calm

The beach accommodates people of all desires

Lying down in the sand

Falling asleep

Riding the waves on a jet ski

Up and down, Up and down

Sometimes a certain song can transport me there

But those moments are fading

They leave me longing for the real thing

Time spent with family at this beach

Eating seafood, playing games

Building sandcastles, being buried in the sand

These are times we don’t forget

And that bring us close together

Time without dispute or turmoil

Everyone, laid back and chilled out

The beach has this special power

The ability to bring people together

And create happiness and joy

We count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds

To the next time we will be reunited

Getting anxious as the days draw closer

But until then, we wait

And miss it evermore.

Kateland Leveillee


To All the Boys


I cannot write like a beatnik

because I am not a beatnik.

I’m too late,

too pretty,

too appreciative of hygiene.

I cannot be a mynah bird.



I am four years on the wagon,

so whatever brash and callous hands

that traded poems for commands

now only dream of being half the height

that Will S. Burroughs stands.


My point is this:

I am free and the red, hot,

hot, hot passion has gone somewhere.

I don’t have the luxury of dying

or going insane

or loving so much that no self remains.


I feel Ginsburg when I write my prose

I hear Howl when I feel morose

All of it says Live! Live! Live! 


So I do.

But not in shades I would have painted with in youth.

Not with strokes so raged they rip the page,

I have different things to say now.

I tried to die young, but

it was simply a choir with no rhythm.





This Life


There is no version of this life

That does not end in my suicide

As beautiful as the pulleys

That pulled rock from the earth

The dust of your hands as you gave me an arrowhead

The night you looked to the moon and said you had three months left

How strange that must have felt

The thinning of your hair

The strangeness of your poetry

Sleepless contortion of letters I could have never put together


There is no version of this life

Where we speak our words in key

There is movement in places filling with blood

That came from the anger I felt

The dust of your hands as you hand me a flower

That I keep and dry and let define me

It dies by my hand or yours

The weeds overtake the garden

Soon the sun will disappear

I lose memory of a time when words were fireflies




Happy Valley


The secret is to ignore

the most beautiful girl

in the room. She is not

crazy enough to keep

you on your toes. No,


Pick the one you need

to take medication for

go to therapy for

make amends to your exes for.



Pick the one who almost

bares her secrets but never

really does.


Summer comes.

She lets others inside her.

You watch her as she walks

in front of you, stuck inside a story

you’ll tell someone someday.



Close your eyes as she obliterates you.

You are mute.

There are no resolutions.