Dr. Randall K. Rogers

I Shall Return


I remember the ladies

during the time I spent at Hell House

in Pattaya, Thailand.

There was Bamboo,

who liked to

put things in her mouth,

and Bee, beautiful, breasts

the size of cantaloupes,

slim but stacked – rare

for a Thai woman.

Both did anal and

lined up on the

“we do anal” side

of the yellow line.

The girls worked

best as a team

and I would hire

them for hours,

ordering up joints

and shots of tequila

while Japanese schoolgirl

porn played on the

large TV mounted

high upon the wall.

The other girls would

secretly bring us ya ba as the

management frowned

on the use of hard drugs

on the premises.

After my allotted five

hours or so we went

to a short-time hotel

bringing five more

women for the after

sex orgy; me seven women,


and hetero-lesbianism.

Me choreographing

the girls as a hyper-sexualized

porn director.

I didn’t think circumstances

could get any better,

and to think of it

from then up to now,

some ten years later

they haven’t.


I can’t wait to get

back to Thailand.


Tom McDade



Did Memorial Day approaching

fuel my dream of a kid I knew

who’d served in the Marines?

We loved the horses but underage,

jumped fences, outran cops

to get a bet down.

When I awoke we were at a window

cashing winning tickets.

Saw him last at the Narragansett

Park under last race lights.

Not for nothing, he was a heavy smoker

and my memory squinted through

a fog to make certain it was him.

His older sister dated a guy who wore a black

leather jacket: “Love Hurts” in big white

letters on its reverse.

In the Corps also, he counseled Vets

after city trash truck work wore him down.

Liver disease failed to count

his medals, finished him off.

She had beautiful eyes but cancer didn’t

care how startling their blue.

My old gambling friend was in Nam too.

He went into furniture repair

and refinishing after discharge.

I hoped the ponies still mattered

and I pictured Marlboro ashes

mixed with stripping fluid

on an old Racing Form spread

on his shop floor—

tobacco and solvent fumes

inciting memories of long ago

horses we’d bet not war.


Thomas M. McDade

Michael Marrotti


I understand
the struggle

What’s the point
having to exist
in a world of
if you’re the only
course of light

All these hideous
people and their
ugly actions

No appreciation
for the splendor
of white roses
planted in
the cemetery

They call it
the easy way out
If it was so easy
it would happen
more often

Plenty of folks
wanna do
the favor
but lack the guts
required for this
life altering decision

The world is
an ugly place to be
You could die
young and beautifully
as they grow uglier
each passing season

The last laugh
could be yours






Dr. Randall K. Rogers

My Salvation

I always think in
terms of more misery
than joy

there is joy and
plenty of it in life
but for me I think
too much of the difficult

than the happy
content times in
the past and possible

as for the present
I’m happy just not
to cry.

The Hair Starts Growing Upwards on the Neck (and therefore it should be shaved)

The beard grooming specialist
said if you don’t have a well
trimmed beard it means you
just don’t care.
Exactly, I said.

Death, The Final Frontier

I tired to remember
to forget.

Do the things we can
not think about.   Exist?
Only in infinity
and imaginations
and melatonin driven
outside the Universe,
Though it is said
by some, for eternity
to be real, any
combination or singularity
of thought is possible
and may have a possibility
of being reality,
if it can be thought.
And, if endless infinity
does hold sway,
since as it has
been said,
“The [present] Universe
is far stranger than
we can imagine” (Issac Asimov).
Unless, of course,
we consider eons
into the future,
when our Sun eventually
blows up/burns out/stops shining
and we have not transferred
to artificial intelligence
indestructible, non-aging,
self-rejuvenating some
type of organic or not
rather like
we are now,
but healing
much longer lasting
than we currently are, or
in a final analysis,
of course, if we are
mute-silent, and
very much
stone cold Dead.
Though even when expired
live as much-motion
atoms, nuclei, quarks.
It then appears,
if life, as well
as Death, we are
so gloriously
and persistently,
Recycling all the time.


Jonathan Beale

Semisonic Closing time


Drifting into this: slower, slower…,

World – here, in this obscure

Subculture we live and breathe

Free of your 9 – 5.  The traffic jams

Never that far from your nose.

See me shuffling down Virginia

Avenue in these old shoes

In this midnight lullaby’s postcard dream.

Sleeping here and there

From the back of street bars

Occasionally woken by the piano

Player playing for beer and cigarettes.

Behind his sunglasses

His frontage knowing

Closing time brings him an end

To another day

As the night rolls out

The bar throws out

Into the ever longer

I pass by your window

As the last night bus

All life goes on – bars open again.

Now I’m smoking cigarettes
And I strive for purity
And I slip just like the stars
Into obscurity


Grapefruit Moon Tom Waits



Stephen Jarrell Williams



Never thought

Peeing in our pants

Would feel good


The world drying up

With cold insincerity


Excrement running down

Our backsides

Leaving a trail

That even rats won’t follow.



State of the Union


After you run me over

Please back up

And finish the job


Don’t leave

A bleeding heart

Still alive in the gutter.

Paul Tristram

See Yourself Out

Get thee behind me!
Into the past where you belong.
Filed away under ‘Mistakes’
not ‘What Might-Have-Beens’
I hope the door hits you
on the way out… twice.
I shall ponder you
unnecessary no more.
You cease to exist
in the living, breathing
real world of today.
I glimpsed around
the front you hide behind.
Your honey-traps
and blasphemies
have lost their curiosity.
No more games & fishing,
emotional military advancements.
The magic bubble
of your preying attraction
just blew up in your own face.

© Paul Tristram 2016