The Beatnik Cowboy seeks the best poetry from all poets around the world. We do not want poetry that slaps us open hand across the face, but instead gives us a swift kick in the yarbles.

Submission Guidelines: Submit up to 3 of your finest works of poetic injustice to anilliteratepoet@hotmail.com. Please include your name with each entry. Please submit your poems in the body of the email. Response time varies from one day up to one month. All who submit to us will have the common courtesy of a response, regardless of whether or not we dig your poetics, including the potential for constructive criticism in our correspondence. Poets and creative writers may submit as much as they like, as long as it is after they receive a response from the editors regarding a pending submission. Submissions are open year round and we are never closed for business on the open plains.

The Beatnik Cowboy will also release a print edition featuring the best poems from the previous submission period. Those featured in the print edition will be offered a free copy of the literary journal they are featured in, as well as some occasional additional material from the editors, but will be required to provide a snail mail address in order for us to send you a copy of your work along with the fine work of your fellow poets on Earth. For those not selected in the journal or those not seeking to submit, we offer subscriptions for a small fee to The Beatnik Cowboy to keep the Marlboro Man’s lungs from succumbing to incurable tumors.

To order please send a check or money order for $25.00 made out to Beatnik Cowboy and mail to:
Randall Rogers
3410 Corral Drive, Apt. 208
Rapid City, South Dakota
57702      USA

We also accept small or large donations to help extend the Marlboro Man’s life.

And we have T-Shirts for sale in the back! They are available in men’s, women’s and child sizes, for the young Beatniks. Shirts are available for the low price of $26.50 and are available with various designs. We currently offer the “Marlboro Man” and “Red Cloud”, with more to come.

We look forward to reading your work.

The Editors, Dr. Randall Rogers and Chris Butler


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