The Beatnik Cowboy seeks the best poetry from all poets from all around the world. We do not want poetry that slaps us with an open hand across the face, but instead art that gives us a swift kick in the yarbles.

Submission Guidelines: Submit up to 3 of your finest works of poetic injustice to thebeatnikcowboy@gmail.com. Please include your name with each entry. Submit your poems in the body of the email. Please do not submit attachments of your words, as they will not be considered for publication. Instead of sending multiple submissions containing one poem each, we ask that you include up to 3 poems per submission (exceptions can be made). Response time varies from one day up to one month. All who submit to us will have the common courtesy of a response, regardless of whether or not we dig your poetics, including the potential for constructive criticism in our correspondence. Poets and creative writers may submit as much as they like, as long as it is after they receive a response from the editors regarding a pending submission. Submissions are open year round and we are never closed for business.

Despite the title, we are not seeking words of art that are strictly “beat” poetry or about wild west gun-slinging cowboys. Submissions can be in the style of beat poetry and beatniks and the subject can be anything cowboy related, but it will not give you an upper hand in The Editors’ decision to publish. We publish any style of poem concerning any subject, as long as it’s great.

Our simplistic style is purposefully done to have visitors to the site and readers of the site to focus on the artists’ words. But due to our basic design, we are seeking writings (poems, short stories, essays, etc.) that do not require a novel’s worth of reading. For short stories and poems, we are seeking pieces that do not exceed 1000 words. This is only an approximation, and reasonable exceptions can be made to this pieces that are of the highest artistic quality. We advise those seeking to submit to read their pieces before pressing send, and if you cannot finish it in one comfortable sitting, than your pieces are likely better fits in literary journals seeking longer works (there are thousands of them on the world wide web that are specifically seeking longer submissions). We, the Editors, want to give every chance for each and every writer’s best words to be read and enjoyed, and endlessly scrolling down the page just to find the next piece of exceptional writing was never our intent when The Beatnik Cowboy was resurrected from the dead. If you are unsure if your piece is too long, then it most likely is too long. But, you can always query The Editors regarding a particular submission, and we will respond posthaste.  

The Beatnik Cowboy will also release a print edition featuring the best poems from the best poets during the previous submission period. These will be poems and pieces of art never-before-witnessed by the world in print or online. Those featured in the print edition will be offered a free copy of the literary journal they are featured in, as well as some occasional additional material from the Editors, but will be required to provide a snail mail address in order for us to send a copy of one’s work along with the fine work of their fellow best poets on Earth. For those not selected in the journal or those not seeking to submit, we offer subscriptions for a small fee to The Beatnik Cowboy to keep the Marlboro Man’s lungs from succumbing to incurable tumors.

To order a copy of the print journal, please send a check or money order for $25.00, paid to the order of Randall Rogers, and mailed to:
Randall Rogers
4840 Shelby Ave. #204
Rapid City, South Dakota
57701 U.S.A.
If you do not trust your bank and wish to send funds electronically, we are willing to accept payments through PayPal. Please contact the Editors for more information regarding electronic payments. 

We also accept small or large donations to help extend the Marlboro Man’s life.

And we have T-Shirts for sale in the back! However, due to the inconsistent supply chain and lack of demand, only a few sizes are currently available for small orders. Increased requests for our the shirts will result in us being able to restock with more available sizes. Currently, we offer the “Marlboro Man” and “Red Cloud” designs, with more to come.

Despite our lifestyle as anti-law-abiding outlaws rebelling against the shield of the 1st Amendment secret police, in order to protect any and all of the artists of the world, we abide by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Although we cannot ride town to town on horseback hunting down fraudulent word thieves with a Smith & Wesson six shooter cocked and loaded, attempting to benefit or profit off of the words of the true creator, we cannot assume any liability for unlawfully submitted material. However, we urge any readers to point any violators out of the crowd for us so we can take the immediate and necessary reactions.

Any and all questions and/or comments regarding our policies can be sequestered from The Editors.

We look forward to reading your work, as your words are what keeps the website in business.


The Editors,

Dr. Randall K. Rogers and Chris Butler

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I tried to submit more poetry, but my email wouldn’t send. It kept saying the address couldn’t be found. I even double checked it for spelling errors and resent it a couple of times. Kept getting the same “message not sent” alert. Is there a different email address I can use?


  2. We resurrected The Beatnik Cowboy with a little blue pill with the intention of not focusing on specific writers, as we do not play favorites, so we opted not to have a listing on the right side of the page as with most sites to draw readers towards specific writers only, but to each and every contributor chosen for publication. However, if you are looking for someone specific, I would recommend the ultimate google search for truth and venture that route to search with a specific writer in mind. Also, if you click on a specific work, the site will generally guide you to anything that has been previously published by the writer of the same name. But any suggestions to improve our simplified site are welcomed by the Editors. Thank you Judge!


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