J.D. Casey IV

Skin Suit Lies

a star lost

behind a cloud

too poor

to look cheap

hot brew

cold blood

a sunset

over the bridge

burning water

busted boots


the teeth

from a black hole’s


yellow and green

headlight eyes

trying to be friends

walking to church

they clean up nice

in skin suit lies

pulling down



for their charts

time off

for good behavior

the cloud


to lose its

only friend

to a heavy hand


to a heavy heart

with hot brew breath

strong as kerosene


roots for the


the black holes

losing the fight


of being lied to

it doesn’t matter

how many stars

are on your chart

what matters

is how hard

you fought

to earn them



Don’t Panic

wake up the ocean

walk on the clouds


a crooked


love the light that shines

above the brightest star

piercing the darkest

of hearts

killing the inner


don’t panic

it will all

be over


Wayne Burke


Got back with an old girlfriend

the blonde

she came over to my place and

we wound-up making-out on the

bed, her

tits still big, one tit still bigger than the

other; she started to talk crazy,

a paranoid rap that scared me

and I got up, out of bed

no longer interested in sex

and asked her to leave

(told her get a therapist)

and she did leave:

the next day she called me five times

but I did not answer;

she lives alone in a house her ex-husband

left half-done while remodeling,

a real mess, no heat

because the furnace broken;

I gave her my space heater,

and this morning

it snowed

but the snow

did not stick.



Bat Man

No one wanted to be a dirty

Jap or


except Dickie Heller who

wanted to be


because he was German

and his uncle had been in the S.S.

(Dickie had a German Lugar replica

and a helmet he kept on the desk

in his bedroom)

the rest of us were


Army, Navy, Marine, Green Beret

we fought it out in the woods and

died a dozen times a night

but came alive

for the next fight,

only Stevie Critelli never died,

not even after shot


“you missed” he’d say

and dance away


“I shot you first”

he pissed everyone off

and some started to plot

his real demise or

something close to it

and he must have got word


he stopped coming around,

stayed home at night

and watched Bat Man

on TV.

David Boski

Dinosaurs Too



you used to download porn on LimeWire

using a dial up internet connection,

watch wrestling when the WWE was still the WWF,

use a Zenith VCR to record movies

off of your gigantic television set,

own a Walkman and after that a Discman;

there are kids out there who have forgotten more

about technology than you have ever known,

you get tired for no reason,

your hangovers are much worse now,

it takes you longer to piss,

and you have grey’s in your pubic hair;

you can’t get up without having a cup of coffee

or two or three,

sometimes your back hurts


according to WebMD

you’re completely fucked;


you’re old enough to be

a father —

to a teenager,

and one time a woman

at a bar replied

‘wow that’s old’

after you told her your age

but that’s ok;

cause one day

she’ll be a fucking




Bradford Middleton



I’m going to come clean now, it’s true

I am a dirty old man, it’s one of the reasons

I dig my job for the 16 hour minimum wage

Weeks I tend to do but this morning a new

Revelation appeared.  The prospect of a 7am

Start left me feeling nothing but cold and

Tired before I’d even begun but then she

Breezed in and I couldn’t believe my eyes

A stunning beauty wearing a revealing

Dazzling nightie with slippers under a coat

Leaving little to the imagination as I stood

Taking in that miraculous face but then my

Eyes turned to her shopping and couldn’t

Resist, the pertest most beautiful pair I’ve

Seen in a very long time and as she left

With me, for the first time ever meaning it,

Saying ‘come again soon…’ I almost did as

My loins erupted giving me the boner from

Hell, dreaming of getting in that nightie

As the next shopper approached my

Checkout he caught my eye and reciprocated

The twinkle as we’d both caught an eye.

“This job ain’t all bad” I hear myself say and

All he can say is “bleeding hell, I can’t

Believe that!”




The night turned dark in the shade

Of a Coen brothers movie,

Home alone on a Saturday night again

Waiting for sleep to take me away

Cos this has got to beat being out there

In the disease-riven heart of this city

By the sea.


I stalk the streets everyday looking,

Observing the lives people lead and

The madness it causes them, watching

It take hold even if for only a second.

But tonight I sit quietly studying my

Own form of insanity as outside the

Night goes loudly about its own


Nick D’Ingianni



you’re yappy

as a drooling

sack of dogs

and as happy

as a vietnam


you’re trashy

as downtown

new orleans


as banksy


as amy schumer

worn and round

as a linkin

park CD

and yet

you’re lovely as

a dumb bitch

could be.

the world is out there

the world is out there

but few live in it.

only those who tire

their families to the point

of no return will

ever see it.

you may find yourself

in this exclusive club

without even signing up.

you may find yourself

amongst a crowd, thinking:

“why, any one of

these strangers could save me,”

but they will

never dare.

the world is not fair.

fairness is a farce

constructed by the rich

and the weak minded,

so strap up your boots

and get rich

or weak

or don’t;

the world does not care.

the world’s horror

empathy’s a skill to kill

as quickly as

you can

watch folks’ heads fall

off their necks in

the fissures of

the net.

if you want no tears, no fear,

you first must become numb

some folk will cry, ‘insensitive!’

but some folk are fucking dumb.

(in order for your life to start

cut the cord from your heart

to the net and fall apart.)