Dr. Randall Rogers

Human Rights

And remember if you ain’t getting
Jobs and peein’ in the boss’s coffee
For the first three days before the
Results of the urine test come in
And you get fired
You ain’t doin’ shit for human rights.


A Not So Fullness of Being

Will never
Stop making
False Gods.

God made it
This way
And if the current
God ever
Were proven to
Not exist
Humans would
Another one,
And if this
New God
Ever tried to
Show Herself
And walk the earth
Like Jesus
Well, we’d kill
This new God

It’s like they said
In the
Bar down the
Hill from
The day after
Executed: “God sent
Down to
See what
Earth was

And we gave him a taste of what
It’s like to be human.


Men With No

You either kill
Yourself or
Nature kills you,

Either way,
It’s kinda

Funny though,
When you feel
Like killing yourself
The thought of
Dying maybe isn’t
So bad:
I guess it’s only
Better to be sad
When you’re happy,

Cause when you’re happy
The fear of
Dying creeps in…

And sadness makes
…more like a brother.


Dear Lord

may my eyes,
and the way I use them,
be beautiful.

Poem previously published by Yellow Chair Review No. 4

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