Stephen Jarrell Williams

Under Their Thumb

Each city becoming like all other cities
Crowded rush for the fleeing dream

Each country becoming like all other countries
Government control with false ideals

Shrinking earth and core of consciousness
We the slave allowing vampire flies upon our face

Burning sun upon our bent backs
Making-love when it’s merely making flesh

Humming entertaining songs in our hyped heads
Deaf to the crying of consequence

Wanting bland contentment in the continuing chaos
Accepting the snuff of the fire within our hearts

But there’s always a few rebels beyond the grip
Pinpricks to the heavy thumb of the elite

And we’re gathering strength under their cocky blind eye
As they’re beginning to know what it means to bleed.

Dark Days

They are blinding us

So many starving and undernourished
So many fighting wars against ourselves
So many entertained into inaction
So many tortured with screams unheard
So many trying to resist what they don’t understand
So many stumbling

But still seeking the light.

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