Why, That Ought to Be Discrimination: Hey Keem-o-sa-bee! Did you know when the Lone Ranger called out his Native American compatriot’s name “Tonto” he was calling him “stupid” (tonto) in Spanish?

Hip Buckeroos and Buckettes! We now have available handsome and culturally important Beatnik Cowboy T-shirts.  Small, large and extra-large, and kid’s size – for the little Beatniks in your life.  Clothe the entire family!  If you were able to get a woman/women that is.  Or man/men or both, in groups perhaps.  But remember to be a Born Loser is probably the best thing that could happen to a person in their life, and we all might want to get the Born Loser forehead tattoo.  To ensure life long copacetic aptitude and corporate/law enforcement position success.  Watch the movie “Born Losers” also.  Billy Jack (Laughlin) and wife Delores Taylor, the actors in and directors of the “Billy Jack” movies, made the movies about being here, in South Dakota (the Native ones at least).  They attended the same school as I – the University of South Dakota at Vermillion.  Honorary Cowboys all, sorry, no free subscriptions like free blocks of Velveeta-like cheese.  Dependency stifles and creates in all lack of the highest of self and my culture self-esteems.  Beatnik Natives, or, for the Elders, Beatnik Indians, however low self-esteem, depressed-suicidal you may be, or how juiced and war-like you are, or just cool content or bitchin’ you will always land back wanting and cool to us.  There are Beatnik Native and Beatnik Indian Red Cloud photo T-shirts too.  A suicide epidemic here currently on the Pine Ridge reservation (just out of town) with teenagers and youth doing it – sixty-six attempts and too many successes in September 2015 alone – in now Native-named Oglala county, formerly Shannon county – the poorest county in the USA, with like an 85% unemployment rate, inside of which lies the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.  I try to help and as a taxi driver, try to assist in anyway every day.  Just say No to non-integration dependency.  We too have the new “Transgender Cowboy” T-shirts.  These shirts are gonna be big.  Like us they are heady arrogance knowing number #Uno, as in poetry, as in groove-ocity, as in imaginative-ist, as in funk (when studying sociology it was I and my sycophants who put the funk back in Structural functionalism!) so it shall it be written, so shall it be done.
To order please send a check or money order for $26.50 made out to Beatnik Cowboy to:
Randall Rogers
3410 Corral Drive, Apt. 208
Rapid City, South Dakota
57702      USA
Thank you ever so highly, and like Paul Harvey say, good day.  Have a fine time knowing you cool, happy, excited laid back and fine.

One thought on “Why, That Ought to Be Discrimination: Hey Keem-o-sa-bee! Did you know when the Lone Ranger called out his Native American compatriot’s name “Tonto” he was calling him “stupid” (tonto) in Spanish?

  1. Can you change it to “Laughlin” as the actor who played Billy Jack. And change to “so it shall be written, so it may be done”. Rameses always said this in the movie “The Ten Commandments”.


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