Brenton Booth


I pumped her until I couldn’t
hold on anymore and pulled
out and let it go on her tits
and stomach. I then went to
the bathroom and washed
my cock in the sink and took
a towel back into her bedroom
and gave it to her. “ God LOOK at
all that stuff. I’ve never been
with a guy that shoots out as
much as you,” she said then
started wiping it off. “ Its good
that I know this. Now I know
never to swallow when I give
you head.”


She was asleep on my bed and I
slid a finger inside her. It felt
strange. I then looked at it and
noticed it was in her ass. I
wiggled it around a bit though
she didn’t respond. She was
fast asleep. She slept with her
thumb in her mouth. She looked
so peaceful. So lovely. Like a
princess from a fairy tale. I
took the finger out and forgot
about sex. Just looking at her
asleep on my bed. Breathing
her gentle little breaths was

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