A Special Message from the Editors


The “Red Cloud” shirt.

Red Cloud.jpg

Now, unlimited time only, get ’em while they’re hot. The one and only seriously “un-psuedo”, cantankerous, politically certain shirt. The first shirt, the trend busting rustic beatnik boy smoking a hand-roll in the Beatnik Cowboy T-shirt, gave birth to a Native brother. Since that first Cowboy chapped his hide at the Beatnik Cowboy jam-bore brother Red Cloud has joined the wagon train of sweet lovin’ cowboys!!! Some real “rough riders” plying “rough trade”. Dominatrix cowboys, timid “Brokeback” lonely ranch hands, slobbering greedy butt-cracks, all are welcome at the Gay Cowboy Olympics. Because every gay Beatnik Cowboy, straight or otherwise, holds no candle to the hermaphrodite scrotum.


We here at the Beating Off Cowboy, in order to preserve the most perfect Cowboy, do declare from now on everything is its exact opposite, or as near to it as we can be. And we take this bipolar opposite, or as close as we can come to it, to be a new, inverted truth, we then act incorrectly upon. Again, as close to acting on this new truth as we can approximately come in choosing actions to give our inverted reality “real truth” view, we have noticed our idea of real approximate truth is in line with our praxis. That is to say our inversion and its theorized uncovering of “ultimate truth” appears correct. The crux of the biscuit may be; truth is its own polar opposite. And employing our opposite truth paradigm we will begin/began to see, with repeated use of our formulae, that the “unreal” is far more “real”, than the real. This is to insinuate good plays out horrible given passion, and agony, to be Frank James with you, creates better feelings in people than satisfaction or euphoria, ever could!


So remember to forget and mentally replace, and carry on just the same. And woebegone, behold the clear waters of the truth of trans-valuation. Don’t we all know persons state or signify in way of opinion or ideas held, all, or most goodly all, the opposite of what they state?


No matter, what I am talking about here is the new Shirt. It is mesmerizing, tantalizing, epic in its fantastitude. Quite simply, this article of clothing will definitely complete your look. So get ’em fast, lest anyone mistake you for a ‘heterosexual” of incomplete resolution. Our Native model, Mr. Red Cloud, is a person of some renown and much distinction. In Red Cloud’s War 1866-1868 the Oglala and other Teton Sioux bands/tribes successfully warred with the US military. Following two years of armed conflict a peace between the US Government and Native forces was concluded at Fort Laramie in Wyoming Territory in 1868. It is this treaty and Indian rights to land in the Great Sioux Reservation (including the Black Hills) it conferred that continues to be contested. Because of the US Government’s violation of these treaty rights (by subsequent taking of Indian lands), US Government cash payments to Sioux tribes are awarded.


Simply put, because as Chief in 1866-68 he chose to fight and won, suing at the time for a favorable peace, Red Cloud is the Man. Furthermore, because also, later in the 1870s, he choose not to fight and move to the reservation he too is the Man. For by deciding thus in consultation with his people, Red Cloud saved himself and his people from continued death and destruction at the hands of the US military. For when faced with the hopeless prospect of continued armed resistance, he is very much the Wise Man for deciding continued violence is futile, and will only result in extermination. For unlike Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and the other non-treaty “hostile” Indians, Red Cloud recognized the inevitable defeat of the Indian cause and peaceably moved his people into Reservation winter camps along the west bank of the Missouri river.. Other Natives continued to resist and despite the hostile coalition’s 1876 victory over US forces under General George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn, both Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull surrendered and were killed by US forces soon after. In the end, remnants of these hostile bands were murdered in mass by US troops at the 1890 Wounded Knee, South Dakota, where some two hundred Indian men, women, and children under chief Big Foot were slaughtered by US soldiers as they attempted to surrender.


So here’s to Red Cloud, most intelligent hero Chief of the Oglala Teton Sioux! Honorary Beatnik Indian and role model for all.


Now shirts come in sizes s, M, and Large up to 5XL and children’s sizes from infant by year up to adult size small. Every child should be dressed in Beatnik Cowboy art-historical T-shirts. Can you afford to allow your child to grow up without one?


$25 dollars per shirt. Make checks out to Beatnik Cowboy and send to Randall Rogers, 3410 Corral Drive, Apartment 208, Rapid City, South Dakota, 57702, USA. Thank you. Credit card purchases also available, call 1-605-593-2537 to place your order.


We must all pray to God for assistance in helping us become Atheists.


One thought on “A Special Message from the Editors

  1. I’d like to steal this line and turn it into a poem:

    We must all pray to God for assistance in helping us become Atheists.

    So much truth in that line whether one is a believer, agnostic or atheist.


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