Dr. Randall K. Rogers




I come from a family

that doesn’t mind


We are not tethered

too tightly to this


Upon diagnosis of

Cancer or what have

you we grin.

“You mean I’m gonna

get to die?”

We are above fighting

for life,

unless it’s a human,

fish, or animal opponent.

Or a condition able to

be cured by modern


We are okay with

throwing in the towel,


killing ourselves at


or heading to Canada,


Mexico, or Holland

for a very short visit.




To All the Disabled in Any Way (and for the able-bodied too)



From 1881 to 1889

Vincent Van Gogh painted

some 900 paintings

often while looking out

the window of a

mental institute

painting what he saw.

And nothing could stop him.

Be like Vincent.


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