Paul Tristram

The Boy With No Manners Broke Your Heart, Really?

So you like bad boys,
do you?
Then why are you crying
and upset
because he’s doing
what bad boys do?
Oh, you don’t want him
to be a bad boy to you
just to everyone else,
a selective bad boy thingy?
You’re pissed
because he keeps going out
with his bad boy friends
(You’re actually saying this?)
Ok, he can go out
with his bad boy friends
but not when you say so?
So you want control?
you want to police him?
You want to be his prison warden?
You’ll be picking out
his clothes for him next,
telling him what to wear each day.
Cutting up his meat in restaurants
and spitting on Kleenex
to wipe his dirty face in public.
That bad boy of yours
needs to get himself safely
away from the likes of you.

© Paul Tristram 2016

She Has A Face Just Like That Donovan

You know, that folk singer
from the 60’s?
I keep waiting for her
to start singing
‘Season Of The Witch’
or something stupid like that.
Apparently she really likes me?
I mean, she’s lovely to talk to,
has a great sense of humour,
knows her single malts
and her interests go way beyond
kittens, cosy nights in
and long, romantic beach walks.
But I can’t fuck that,
it’s just too disconcerting.
I guess I’m just not
‘Mellow Yellow’ enough
to get that image
out of me bonce, mate, innit.

© Paul Tristram 2016

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