Irsa Ruçi

No sun, no day
Every day we die a little more
Out of nothing
In each slay of the soul
Strange in our consciousness
While body is desolate in emotions.
Every day we lose a little of ourselves
Under us, beyond wit power
There where the heart places its heartbeat
And merciless where the ideals are violated.
Every day we look in each – other’s mirror
And we are afraid to distinguish our face
From tears
Which in our innocent eyes are left.
Each day we answer to love with indifference
When we are lazy to suffer for our feelings
And depict the imprisoned freedom with hated
That only time can witness its age.
The human is dim united in solitude
In only a handful of ashes
In the oblivion form.
We see the morning like hold backs that the yesterday leave
Till death comes naturally
Nothing can take away your soul.
© Irsa Ruçi    (Translated by Silva Daci)
Nothing new
My amazement has escaped
From the conscious
Now nothing new happens occurs in this country
Near dreams,
Despite heavy words in content, merciless,
Break the air with the selfishness
Of misunderstanding for the weight they carry.
So, many nights the silence waits there for me
Speaking with heart bits, in darkness songs sound deeper
With a sounding voice between the silence
Giving wings to the spirit to fly in delirium
Winter has no strength to stand, trees will flower again
Still the smell of flowers will fulfil with oxygen
The lungs of nature
Still the rivers will flow again peacefully, unchangeable
But my amazement will amaze me again…
Because in this little country the napping is long
Waking up is fear and happens rarely
More rarely than the eclipse, more often than the longing
Such are illusions and the foolishness!
Poetry is turned in a rite
To keep the breath of my poetic spirit alive
Because I am scared by this little country were nothing happens
I paint the reality between the lines
And hell I cannot avoid it:
In this place where we live more with words, it’s spoken with tears!
© Irsa Ruçi    (Translated by Silva Daci)
Beyond the stars
You come at me when the world is resting in dreams
You come to become my dream
You come to steal my sleep away
You come to reverse the night in whiteness of heart
You come to envy the stars:
Because to shine for someone on the earth
Is worth more than shining for everyone in the sky
Even more, given that your light in my soul
Never fades away…
You come when the time is afraid to slip by
The halt of the hour- hands wake the heart bit faster
You come with the darkness to give eternal light
You come like pieces of clouds falling in the land
Where my fantasies are sailing
You come and wander in every shelter of my feelings
… Oh God… what vibrant experience when you come
Autumns scent takes my breath away:
Your coming it’s me leaving this reality…
© Irsa Ruçi    (Translated by Silva Daci)

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