Michael Marrotti

“Contemporary Poetry”

It’s a digital
of unworthy

smiles and
poetry that
owns no merit

Who can write
in volume
the most
amount of

It’s a race
to be first
and nobody
is watching

The audience is
the competition
Both are stuck
on the same stanza

Write your boring
little heart out
Write like you
actually have
something to say

If your writing
meets the standards
of contemporary

You’ll be awarded
a friend request
on Facebook
by some other
guy with an
equally small penis
waiting to praise
your boring poetry
in the hopes that
you’ll do the same

© Michael Marrotti

“A Critical Self Analysis”

If I were a little
more dishonest
Smiling when I
didn’t mean it
Offering praise
instead of candor
I’d have more friends

If my penis had
a few more inches
Got off sooner
than later and
lowered it standards
I’d have more lovers

If my dealer would
lower his prices
Picked up the phone
when I wanted
and didn’t behave
like a green eyed
I’d be less unstable

If these words
weren’t so fluent
Profound and
Worthwhile and
By the standards
of the small press
My book of poems
would’ve been

© Michael Marrotti

“The Banality Of Poetry”

If each platitude
was met with a fist
This world
of monotony
would be
the gift of

If there were
laws against
You’d be
guilty as

If there were
fines and restitution
for each cliche
thing you do or say
Socialism would
flourish and the
trivialities of life
would cease to be

would vanish
and then maybe
just maybe
I’d take the time
out of my schedule
to sit down with you
and hear what it is
you have to say

© Michael Marrotti


2 thoughts on “Michael Marrotti

    1. Thanks, bro. It’s nice to hear that, especially when apathy lurks in my shadow. Take care, man!!


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