Paul Tristram

Leaving The Shadows Behind Awhile


You can feel the energy three streets away
punching explosions
all around his swaggering, electric frame.
Leaving the shadows behind awhile,
it’s time to slam-dance to mayhem.
Switching grooves into the fast lane,
amphetamine bombs and Special Brew shotguns.
Smoking neon thunder, oblivion hunting
and smiling un-serenely at the cumming wreckage.
‘It’s all gravy’ and no one’s innocent tonight
Queues, patience and waiting are foreign words
spoken by those beige ordinary… enough already!
There’s an anarchy symbol full moon hovering
just above the wave after wave after wave
of metallic tasting fanfuckingfasticness.
And this side street’s really the hidden back entrance
to ‘Madam Ruby’s Love Boutique’
where his Bar Tab and Credit’s
unlimited, obnoxious and twice Everest sized…C’mon!


© Paul Tristram 2016







Going Equipped


“For fuck sake! It’s a bottle opener,
you know, for opening bottles?
It doesn’t double as a screwdriver
or a poxy jimmy bar.
It’s never been near a crime scene,
I bought it brand new 3 or 4 years ago.
What? Jesus Christ, No!
Of course I don’t still have the receipt
and if I have then definitely not on me.
It’s not an offensive weapon neither,
that’s not a sharpened edge
it’s an amalgamation of the full moon
and your police torchlight.
I never waved it in a threatening manner,
you took it out of my coat pocket yourself.
Look, here’s my taxi, a witness finally
and he can see that I’m not drunk at all.
I’ll leave you as I found you this evening,
petty, miserable and pathetic to the bone.”


© Paul Tristram 2016







Chainmail & Chivalry Belong In The Past
(Here It’s All Backstabbing, Broken Promises & Bullshit)


I am going to get one over on you, sunshine.
I don’t care if you’ve done nothing wrong
that just makes it all the sweeter.
Whilst you’re spinning in circles confused,
all upset, hurting and asking Heaven why?
It means you’re not plotting revenge,
retaliating in the slightest or yet even a threat.
I’m going to make good use of this advantage,
crucify you publically then stamp you underfoot.
Ruin, humiliation, ostracism, disgrace…
my sharp and efficient weapons number many.
But you’re innocent and goodhearted, Ha!
those are the very qualities that first attracted me,
it’s your good points which have sealed your fate.
There’s no pity or mercy in my filthy blackheart
but your begging for it is simply adorable.
The last person I did this to hung themselves,
I’m a conviction-free serial killer in the making
and I’ll be back with you, poor little puppy dog,
just as soon as I’ve inhumanely restrung my bow.


© Paul Tristram 2016


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