Jenny Santellano

Acting Vs. Living



They say life is a stage


Is that why

we’re not supposed to

really live it?


Who determines

what living is anyway?


Why is it bad if I feel sad

today, tomorrow, eternally?

Where is it written

that certain emotions

should be denied?


What’s your deal?

Do I have to pull

your face card

from the deck

or else I”m sure to fail?


How come you act like

being an optimist

is the only way

to stay pain free?


“Be like me; be like me!”


Every second

the pressure

keeps building,

whatever way

you choose,

win or lose


That’s because

you don’t have

the answers,

do you?


Jack and Jill

went up the hill

to fetch what?


Please do not write me

a ten page essay

on the meaning of life,

as if you know you’re right


Go ahead, spin the gun,

take your turn,

or get out of the game

The rest of us are not

the ones who are lame

We don’t just take our chances;

we accept the consequences


So stop the damn show,

and get off the stage!


It’s time to live.


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