Paul Tristram

Fuck Her (Not Literally!)


Onwards, forwards,
in that
‘Away From The Nonsense’
‘No Ball Games Here’
that’s a good sign,
take notice of that one,
no, don’t stop to look at it,
she’s still following.
She hasn’t ended it… yet,
trust me on this
just kicking off preliminaries.
Don’t listen to what she’s saying,
look behind that
at what she’s actually doing.
Christ, but it does make sense,
it makes nothing but sense,
she’s out to take you down
and you’re just too ‘In It’ to see it.
Pack a bag… run,
get in the motor and drive
over to those good people
who care about you.
Stop thinking of her for now,
think about yourself for a change.
Take that blindfold off
and get yourself
out of that nettle patch
before she comes and sets fire to it.


© Paul Tristram 2016

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