Dr. Randall K. Rogers

I Shall Return


I remember the ladies

during the time I spent at Hell House

in Pattaya, Thailand.

There was Bamboo,

who liked to

put things in her mouth,

and Bee, beautiful, breasts

the size of cantaloupes,

slim but stacked – rare

for a Thai woman.

Both did anal and

lined up on the

“we do anal” side

of the yellow line.

The girls worked

best as a team

and I would hire

them for hours,

ordering up joints

and shots of tequila

while Japanese schoolgirl

porn played on the

large TV mounted

high upon the wall.

The other girls would

secretly bring us ya ba as the

management frowned

on the use of hard drugs

on the premises.

After my allotted five

hours or so we went

to a short-time hotel

bringing five more

women for the after

sex orgy; me seven women,


and hetero-lesbianism.

Me choreographing

the girls as a hyper-sexualized

porn director.

I didn’t think circumstances

could get any better,

and to think of it

from then up to now,

some ten years later

they haven’t.


I can’t wait to get

back to Thailand.


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