Paul Tristram

Your Anger’s An Inspiration

…until you look at it more closely.
All of that energy is fuel,
if you could focus and channel it
into something creative.. who knows?
You could just have a masterpiece
of some kind upon your hands.
You could really get things done
with that coursing through your veins.
Wade through mountains
and punch stars right out of the sky.
Just imagine the good you could do?
You could help thousands of people
get their own lives back on track.
Explore the four corners of the globe,
invent something fantastic
or discover something unbelievable.
But, you can’t switch targets, can you?
All of that passion and enthusiasm
has become a personal prison cell.
Where you pace bored back and forth
hating everything and everyone
except he who actually put you there.

© Paul Tristram 2016

Tooth & Nail

Some people have constant help
with everything they choose to do,
they barely wrinkle into old age.
Never knowing what the inside
of a ‘Penny Jar’ looks like
and can still remember, vividly,
that one time that boy
punched them back in Junior School.
Those kind of people are not for me,
I see no depth nor character there
but good luck to them
I’d swap a weekend of their easiness
every six months of my life, happily.
I prefer the Beggars, the Vagabonds
the Lost, the Ones drunk and scarred
inside and out, howling at the moon
and 75% insane, The Ones unbroken
inside after beating after beating.
The foodbank queuing Single Mother
with pride and defiance still upon her face.
The Downtrodden but still swinging,
Survivors who have to fight Tooth & Nail
for every meagre thing that they’ve got.

© Paul Tristram 2015

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