Michael Marrotti

Forgiveness Is A Thing Of The Past

The amount of
I’ve shown
to you
would make
a priest blush

The kindness
you’ve received
from me
was a page
ripped out of
the bible

I know
if anything
this sexual
could stop
at a four way

If you think for
one fleeting
I’ll bite that bullet
again which has
chipped my teeth
and altered
my way of living
you’re wrong

I’ll tear down
everything I’ve
toiled to build

I’ll pay for sex
to contract

I’ll drag my
last name
through the
most vile shit
just to get even

You’ve stabbed me
in the past bitch
this time around
my fingerprints
will be on the

© Michael Marrotti

2 thoughts on “Michael Marrotti

  1. Wow, this is great! The imagery is terrific, and stirred up exactly the right memories to have me agreeing to (poetic) homicide right there with you at the end. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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