Ashley Deweese


I’m looking at you, George Sand


Patriarchy sucks.

QuasiFeminism– sucks.

But PANTS suck

the biggest one of all.

The irony of being equal

by dressing in clothes

with designated leg holes

is that now to fuck

I must get at least half-way naked.

The freedom of the bondage

we were told was a skirt

is that it just needs pushed up

over my hips, and I can express

my womanhood

without exposing any more

of my self than my ass.

So for my share of liberation

I will choose to go

pantsless, and fuck panties too-

1) because I hate that stupid word

and 2) ’cause I enjoy the breeze.






I have

a shameful confession:

I watch


porn just so I can feel


at the degradation

of other

women. I’ve yet

to determine

whether it is my anger or

my shame

that is shared

between us that grips

my body and

freezes it

till I rub

the burning out.


More research

is needed.


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