Micheal Marrotti

For The Sake Of Art

Nothing says new
like fresh staples
in the cranium
after a long night
of drinking and
running into
Dormont’s finest

Excitement is
gang warfare
on the streets
of South Side
throwing bricks
at human beings
then tossing
them into the

Any argument
worth having
with a crazy
should include
in discreet places

A trip to the
public library
isn’t complete
without an all
out screaming
match against
a neb shit
librarian who
hasn’t swallowed
her medication

Giving into
temptation for
the sake of art
and self-gratification
can be rewarding
for me and also
my ever growing
vast audience
but it almost
cost me my life
which means more
to me than any
bullshit poem in my
cliche catalogue
of literary

I’ve done plenty
of raunchy
and morally
things in my

Now it’s your turn
to point that liberal
finger and judge me
like the perverted priest
you wish you were
decent enough to be

Yes, I’m guilty
as charged
I’ve done all
the wrong things
for all the
right reasons

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