Dr. Randall Rogers

I can walk! I’m back to walkin’! Yeehaw! My new set list I came up with is:
Big Dick Blues
Horse Faced Pig
Glen Ford Is God
all three songs thoroughly jammed out. Long time. These next weeks will be the cat’s meow; we’ll have the Best of Issue I and I Jah! Rastafari! And we two Editors here are coming out with a little book of our own. Whomever receives the Best of publication gets the book too. Or you can order one or both publications from us and/or subscribe too, $30.00 checks or money order payable to: Beatnik Cowboy Press, 3410 Corral Drive, Apt. 208, Rapid City, South Dakota, 57702, USA. Thank you.
(Editor’s note)
My goal in life is to become an accomplished writer. Not in the way you may imagine but in a generalist manner. I want to be able to write letters well. That’s how I practiced writing starting in 1995-96; I wrote to Filipino women. I ordered my thirty-five dollar “newsletter” and awaited photos and addresses. And I began writing.
Let me drink more.
Keep the poems coming thanks!

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