Michael Marrotti

Emasculated Society

I walk through

this desiccated

vagina of life

protected by

a diaphragm

me and my

skinny jeans

Leaving down

the toilet seat

everywhere I

take a piss

Holding doors

for the ladies

and holding

my farts in


I’m victimized

like a lifetime

network movie

the only difference is

it’s vice versa

society laughs

when that happens

I’m watching

everything I say

avoiding all things

considered misogynistic

there’s no other way

so naturally I’m

voting democratic

An avid supporter

of their rights

if they choose

to shave their heads

but refuse

to shave their legs

no problem

it’s their prerogative

death to the king baby

I’ve been dethroned

Losing my balls

in this feminine society

is one thing

we’ve had to part

after all these years

of male dominance

it was a long time

now look who’s not


But I still have

this disgusting

thing called a prick

if I thrust like the man

I once was

I could be granted

a permission slip

to leave the confines

of this candle lit home

up from my man cave

in compliance with the queen

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