James Dennis Casey IV

“Petri Dish World”


Living under a microscope

In a petri dish world

Full of human music blues and

Dirty Harry amoebas

That vengefully destroy

All rational thought


Spinning tales of the stoned

From can to can’t

And basket case lies

About reflections

Of a floating world


We’re all the stars

Of our own movies

Eating frustration sandwiches

Made of the great

American death rattle

That kill all the extras

With untold truths


Stuck here

Somewhere over the rainbow

In a mad scientist’s laboratory

The three futures

That could have been

Have come and gone

Down the guilt party waterslide

And Google is our new God







God and Satan

Secretly get along

Playing back alley craps

Between Heaven and Hell

Gambling for souls


Together they’ve compiled

The greatest rock supergroup

Of all time

And throw wild parties

That all of our favorite

Dead poets attend


They even have matching tattoos

On their asses

Of good and evil owls

With the roles reversed

Just for fun

Satan’s has a halo

God’s has horns

Acquired after a long night

Of heavy drinking


Once they had a falling out

Over a woman because

God is love but

Satan did that thing she liked

With his tongue

Yet they follow the code

Bros before hoes

So they’re still tight


Currently they’re locked

In a game of chess

That’s lasted for eons

Taking breaks

Now and then

To throw their parties

And go on benders

They’ve even agreed

On their next tattoo

“God + Satan

Best Frenemies Forever”


©James Dennis Casey IV


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