Matthew Borczon



spoke about


in the

third person

and had

a permanent

boil on

his cheek

the size

of an apple


he had

worked at

the adult

book store

for years

as 1st

shift manager

at the

end of

every day

he would

tell us

to be sure

to remember

“call Larry

in case

of cunt”


so we

called him

Larry the

cunt and

in my

year at

the book

store no


ever came

in to

buy or

sell anything

much less

give it



so we

never called

Larry or

thought much

about him

after his

shift ended.



the adult book store


it was
a job
I could
get without
a resume
just 3
and the
ability to
run a
cash register

so I
learned the
price of
dildos and
the difference
Ginger Amber
and Mercedes
Lynn I

learned never
ask a
customer what
can I
do for
you on
Gay Movie
Monday and
a hundred
other things
I would
never get
to use

in the small
town college
I went to
not as
a freshman


Adult books and toys


some of

the dildos

were so

big I

could not


who could

use them


and the

local drag

queen was

better looking

than most

of the

girls I

went to

college with


and one

night a

guy OD’ed

in the

big video

room but

after the

police and


left the

mess was

no harder to

clean than

the piss

and jizz

on the

floor of the

peep show

booths in



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