Dr. Randall Rogers

Like Woesville daddio! I can’t write. I do, but I can’t. Oh well, I’ll play more guitar. Start to get holy, and right with death. And live. And write. But I can’t write. I mean I know how – See Spot run – but that’s about it. So I’ll keep this short. To the point. We at the Transgender Lesbian Cowboy, queer as we are, are now searching for a groovy collection of poems to publish. By not us writers. By someone like you. Call it a chapbook if you must. Chap my hide anyhow. I’ll fork over the dough. Print it under the imprimatur of the Beatnik Cowboy Press. It will be our second printed collection of poems. My, “Cambodian Poems”, is the first. Nobody would print, “Black Tits”. We will try to sell some at the local bookstore here, give some to our contributors, subscribers. You, the author, get the rest. Please send collections to: randallrogers01@yahoo.com. Or mail hard copy to:

R. Rogers

3410 Corral Drive, Apt. 208

Rapid City, South Dakota,

57702 USA

Send Self Addressed Stamped Envelope if regular mailing (and enough postage)

Will print fifty. All rights are the author’s except for first time use for us.

Good luck,

Randall (Phony Bones) Rogers


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