J.J. Campbell

the unwashed masses


lost in the rhythm of

the unwashed masses


we were born to lose


to serve our godless

parents until they

reaped everything

from the earth


to bow down to the

rich and make sure

there were no spots

left on the cheap

ass crystal


the edible panties

taste like cardboard

and smell of boredom


parade around in a

tiny purple pair lip

synching to george

michael’s i want

your sex


of course, you know

someone is watching


that’s part of the fun


cast off and always



there’s a land for all

the freaks, they call

it los angeles


i hope you don’t mind

living in a tent


you’ll have an incredible

view of the ocean just a

few blocks away


with such hunger


i think i have

figured out why

i look at nurses

with such hunger


those damn pants

always make the

ass look so damn



somewhere freud

pipes up and reminds

the room my mother

was a nurse as well


i’ll take a drink and

proudly exclaim


that’s not the mother

i’m looking to fuck


the most elusive woman on the planet


think of tears as a reboot

for the soul


think of pain as a friendly

reminder that you still



think of hatred as a tool


think of love as a unicorn


think of happiness as the

most elusive woman on

the planet


think of dreams as the



think of nightmares as

the world


think of truth as the

dividing line for



think of lies as the

currency for humans


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