Changming Yuan

Man Is the Only Animal

That Blushes. Or Needs To. – Mark Twain


Or that can remain on friendly terms, says Samuel

Butler, with the victims he intends to eat until he

Eats them; that shows interest in the sex lives of

Other animals; that is able to invent a story and

Spread it over time and space; that insists on its

Uniqueness, superiority and omniscience; that

Refrains from farting or fucking in the wild open; that

Tries to live not only in the moment, but also among

The pasts and futures; that is capable of making medicines

Machines and machinations; that can readily convert

Himself from one ism to another; that enjoys playing

Words along this line as Nelson in his ‘Funny Bird Sex.’





Few are really aware of

Such universes

Existing beyond our own

Even fewer of so many other versions

Of selfhood living

In each of them, let alone

This simple secret:

At the depth of consciousness

Lives a quantum

Or soul as we prefer to call it

A particle, demon and/or angel dancing

The same dance afar, far apart

In an entanglement

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