Grant Guy

His Soul Was Operated On

Grant Guy

His soul was operated on in 1998
He no longer needed it & had it extracted
He had not loved since 1971

He gave up on man & the world in 1972
When God’s roof caved in on him
He gave up on God in 1963

He could have ended it all

Jumping on the Disraeli Bridge
in the Fall of 1949


None of that was good enough

Better to be a thorn in the side of the world

Yes he decided


Except he did in a cholera outbreak

In the summer of 1903



so this is love


Grant Guy


the twilight zone of love

i don’t want it

you can keep

put it in your pipe

& smoke it

dump the ashes in the ashtray of blues


what good is love in the twilight zone of love




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