Wayne Burke


Got back with an old girlfriend

the blonde

she came over to my place and

we wound-up making-out on the

bed, her

tits still big, one tit still bigger than the

other; she started to talk crazy,

a paranoid rap that scared me

and I got up, out of bed

no longer interested in sex

and asked her to leave

(told her get a therapist)

and she did leave:

the next day she called me five times

but I did not answer;

she lives alone in a house her ex-husband

left half-done while remodeling,

a real mess, no heat

because the furnace broken;

I gave her my space heater,

and this morning

it snowed

but the snow

did not stick.



Bat Man

No one wanted to be a dirty

Jap or


except Dickie Heller who

wanted to be


because he was German

and his uncle had been in the S.S.

(Dickie had a German Lugar replica

and a helmet he kept on the desk

in his bedroom)

the rest of us were


Army, Navy, Marine, Green Beret

we fought it out in the woods and

died a dozen times a night

but came alive

for the next fight,

only Stevie Critelli never died,

not even after shot


“you missed” he’d say

and dance away


“I shot you first”

he pissed everyone off

and some started to plot

his real demise or

something close to it

and he must have got word


he stopped coming around,

stayed home at night

and watched Bat Man

on TV.

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