Ian Copestick

                       Heroin History

I was flicking through a book,
Earlier today, on the social history of  Britain in the 20th Century  and I have to say that
I was absolutely blown away
To see that Heroin was only
Made illegal in 1956.
Nineteen Fifty fucking Six !
Can you believe it ?
At the time, according to
Government records, there was
47.5 heroin addicts in the
Whole British Isles. Before you
Even begin to think of what
Makes up 0.5 of a heroin
Addict, 47.5, in the whole
Fucking country !
Prohibition worked really well
There, didn’t it ?
The only winners that I can see
In the whole, sorry scenario
Are drug dealers and criminals.
How to make 47 turn into
Hundreds of thousands.
Call me sceptical, or cynical, but something doesn’t quite add up here, for me.
You might possibly think that in the ’50’s with the birth of the
Teenager, and suddenly large numbers of working class
Youngsters going to University
And getting educated. That
Those in power would like to See a lot of working class
Youngsters opiated and numb
As I said, I’m cynical, and a bit
Of a conspiracy theorist, but
It’s just a thought

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