J.J. Campbell

saddled me as a child
the demons fester inside
me and only come out
when they feel like it
i think they have the
same apathy that
saddled me as a child
and never got off
i do thirty lines of
cocaine in my dreams
wishing for a river
of blood to ride on
my way to hell
i never learned how
to dance or got lucky
enough to have a
i stopped chasing
immortality the
moment the woman
of my dreams said
she never loved me
death is the only
wish left
in a seedy bar downtown
charlie manson was
the only hippie to
never waver
hard explaining that
to a bunch of strung
out models listening
to an old lou reed
song in a seedy bar
mostly because i’m
amazed they aren’t
buried in their fucking
phones at the moment
i saunter over to
the corner
sit down at a table
with a spanish princess
that wants to save
my life
she whispers sweet
nothings into my ear
and i crack my first
smile in a decade
soon, she’ll show me
this trick she does with
her tongue and i’ll either
be dead or married by
the morning


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