Ian Copestick

The Dirtiest Of Concepts
My first book, a volume of poetry
Has been on sale now for a couple of weeks
All of the old friends I meet ask the same question
With what seems to be the same voice
” What are you getting out of it, man ?”
” Yeah, cool but how much are you making ?”
” So when do you start receiving royalties then mate ? “
Bringing the whole thing down to one word :
Not thinking that writing the poems
Is a way to escape from money worries
Not thinking about me expressing myself
Or finding out more about the real me
It always comes back to that dirtiest of concepts
The root of all evil, the dreaded money
People don’t seem to realise that
Like time, work and sin, money is just
Something that was made up one day
Another way to keep people in line
To show who is on top, who is better
Than who. Well, we’re all born with
And we all die with nothing. I seem to
Have wandered away from the point
I was trying to make. I may have taken
The scenic route but I think I have got
There all the same
For fans of Ian’s work, please support the art of your fellow human beings by checking out his latest book, “Detritus Of The Drunken Night ” on Cajun Mutt Press.

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