Daniel J. Flore III

C539 Blues

Uncle Cliff sat next to me at the DMV even though he’s been dead 5 years. He said are you C539? I said “yeah!” He replied “Well you better get your ID, so you find out who you are cause you don’t look like no C539 to me.” I said “ I’m eagerly awaiting my turn like a little dog.” “Well, you better drink a beer with me and relax. I’m going to go drunk drive one of the instructors around the practice course.” Now serving C537 said the electronic voice and Uncle Cliff said “F. this, now serving lunch! You wanna come with me C539?” I said “ I’d love to, but you’re still alive to me and I’m not sure if I ever knew who you were past the legend Ive created in my head.” “So, you think I’m in your head? I’m sitting right here!” I know you loved me Uncle Cliff…did you keep your ponytail in heaven?” Now serving C538. “That ain’t you? Ya’ll are now serving time.” Uncle Cliff said. “ I can’t even hold my phone right. I got this ticket in my hand like a ball of sweat. I’m trying not to tremble in the crowd.” “ You got balls C5, but that ain’t you. Now serving C539. “That’s me!” No, it’s not, I’m little Dan.” That’s the spirit said Uncle Cliff, I thought that was you.

Saying goodbye to diamonds

7 gold and silver pink lipstick cases and no emotion. I don’t know what I’m doing here and I’m not sure if I have to figure it out. I don’t at all, and for that I’m finally happy. Your cold brown bangs, above dark oval sunglasses, asking if I need another drink or just the ceremony of hot tub bubbles. I’ll never stop going to hotels. Girls like you lose their room keys in my bed and I hand them clean towels when they get out of the shower. Old links on my gold bracelet long after they’ve left, old moons passed away. I met a woman like you last night on the yellow and green couch in the lobby. We fell in love because we couldn’t believe how ugly the colors were. We had cigarettes and talked about the Velvet Underground and the pictures on our phones. We kissed on the neck and hoped we’d never see each other again.


in Airport Square
the moms are your mom when you need her
though she’s not here
no more than a ghost
walking in a store
and the single couples are
you and your wife
when you were that way
in Airport Square
everything is here
but it’s far away
and I’m here with Jesus
where every toy store entrance
is the end of the rainbow
I once saw one when I walked in
caught between that
and how it might have been
but all the roses aren’t blood
even though the thicket is all wet
you found a way to get to God
even though you can’t see Him yet
somehow in Airport Square
you’re up in the air
even though the planes are way up there

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