Hunter White

I Miss It


I miss it

The beach

But not just any beach

A particular beach

On the Forgotten Coast

Many don’t know about it

But that’s how I like it

Every day it creeps into my thoughts

And I long to be there every day.

The feeling of warm sand underfoot

And the grains between your toes

Running to the water

Jumping in

Only to be shown the power

As a wave knocks you down

And you get back up to do it all again

The water is warm

The waves are noisy

But the noise is relaxing

Causing a unique kind of calm

The beach accommodates people of all desires

Lying down in the sand

Falling asleep

Riding the waves on a jet ski

Up and down, Up and down

Sometimes a certain song can transport me there

But those moments are fading

They leave me longing for the real thing

Time spent with family at this beach

Eating seafood, playing games

Building sandcastles, being buried in the sand

These are times we don’t forget

And that bring us close together

Time without dispute or turmoil

Everyone, laid back and chilled out

The beach has this special power

The ability to bring people together

And create happiness and joy

We count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds

To the next time we will be reunited

Getting anxious as the days draw closer

But until then, we wait

And miss it evermore.

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