David Sprehe

Colors lighted in my eyes

stream flow twirling and ricochet.

I blast tracked in a monkey trap seeing in mind

a number of good things such as

a beautiful woman with an unpracticed smile,

tellin’ the boss “I quit”,

and a child’s conception.

Shift back forth

sought meaning underneath worm bellies,

rose to heavenly height,

then shattered by an alien existence

childlike in the best and worst

crushed and berated

laughter and kindness.

Ain’t it strange way we build our worlds?

Constructed unknowingly dangerously feeling our little tendrils into spaces

Filling ‘em with our dreams and cruelties

weeping guts and smiling

heart pounding thinking this is it




swallowed into a mucky shadow.

Wishes not realities, though we build ‘em such ways and forget.

Then we hurt

less we get lucky and meet soul tuner who twiddles like me.

Collaboration on highest ground until flecks appear dusty

and foundation cracks

refusal to yield

can’t meld


save ourselves.

Whole thing’s towered up

then struck with different tongues

suddenly like “What the heck happened? I used to love you.”

It’s second law of thermodynamics,

universe hates energy input,

nature’s silly complexities,

just wants some tasty flat.

Then why, you know?

Who knows?

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