Ian Copestick

A Big, Fat Hit

I haven’t had a drug habit
For nearly 20 years, and for
All of that time it’s never really
Bothered me. But, just lately
In the last couple of weeks
I’ve been having cravings,
Psychological cravings. O.K.
So, I’m tense, I’m stressed. My
Shoulders are full of knots. If
I wake at six in the morning,
That’s it, I’m awake. As soon as
I’m conscious, that’s it, I’m
Stressed. So many things in My life are going wrong at the
Same time. So,  yes sometimes
I crave a big, fat hit of smack.
To make me not feel, to make
Me not fear.
Of course, I’d never want to get
A habit back.
Just something to numb me,
So I don’t crack.


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