Wayne F. Burke

Blow Me

I asked the wife to blow me
she said
blow yourself
I said
I can’t
she said
then get one of your girlfriends to do it
I said
I don’t have any you bitch
she laughed bitterly
who do you think you are fooling?

I wondered how much she knew and
how she came to know it–
I said
why would I have a girlfriend with you
around, honey?
She said
I don’t know MISTER, you tell me.

I hated that MISTER
hated those black knee-high boots she
sometimes wore
(they always meant trouble for me).

She stamped her foot and
threw her mane of auburn hair around
like a prima-donna racehorse in the gate
at Saratoga
she said
do not think you are getting away with anything
Mister! I can see right through you!

I asked the wife if she was comfortable
she said yes
as comfortable as I can be around you
I said
what does that mean
she said
figure it out yourself
I said
you bitch, I should
she said
should what?
I said I don’t know what
she said
how about you should wise-up a little?
I said
how about you should shut-up, a little?
She said
don’t tell me “shut-up,” who do you
think I am, one of your bimbos?
I said
my BIMBOS? Oh boy, you have really lost it!
She said
you think?
I said
yeah, you are gonzo, way out there…
She said
and how about you? Do you think you are “normal”?
I said
I never said I was
(whatever “normal” means)
she said
it means not you
I said
oh, it means you though, right?
She said
more so than you.
I said
do you know how idiotic you sound?
She said
me? Oh brother! You are something!
people see through you from a mile away
and you don’t even know it!
I said
what the hell you talking about?
She said
wouldn’t you like to know?
I said
yeah, I would
she said
I bet you would

1st Book

since my book was published
I feel as if I have grown
an inch or two,
added an additional foot to my
more hair,
harder fingernails,
a darker shadow;
the future has more substance,
I want to hurry it
into existence;
but I fear too
it will all end
and I will be on my back
in a hospital bed
in Marsailles or
and still

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