Dan Provost

Living Irregularly (the Who Keeping me Company)

Please pass the aggression to me;
Pete, Roger and Keith—

Smash your equipment.
Feel my disease.

Growing within septic
crashing cymbals
through my twenty
buck speakers.

I kind of want to
buck the system,

Break the news that
my services here on
this dinghy rock called
something by many,

Is no longer required.

Because my dreams
are empty Mr. Townsend,

No more considerations
of job,
of status,
of playing out the
clues provided
by a thought out guitar
chord, a note written
to carve my soul into
Bits and pieces of


So, crank up another
beer Roger.

Get the mirror and
snort another line…

The snow outside is
falling at an inch per hour…

And I have the next two
days off…

I have all night to
criticize my being…

Keep the TV on low
and listen to The Who by Numbers…
Until Dr. Jimmy needs to
be contacted again.

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