Daniel S. Irwin


Back in the proverbial ‘one horse town’,
I get stir crazy sittin’ in the house.
A man needs stimulation for the brain
Or, at least, some peter risin’ woman play.
Went to the honky-tonk of my runnin’ days.
Still pretty much the same smell of spilt beer.
The music’s still old-time country and loud.
Nobody really listens. We know all the songs.
Music’s nothin’ but a back drop for hollerin’
And feedin’ lines to the local ladies who are
More than capable of cold cockin’ ya
With a beer bottle or bootin’ groin on a whim.
Don’t see nobody I used to hang with.
Most of them Jimmy Jo’s and Billy Bob’s
Done got real jobs and settled down.
Might as well say the rest, including me,
Just ended up cowboys in the sunset.

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