Anthony Dirk Ray

Left Blank

a catawampus catastrophe

one in which all hope is depleted

an exorcising of ostentatious thought

all for naught

upheaval of mindset blackness

cast away far fetched fascinations

only to reveal themselves as reality

oh to feel satisfied

oh to feel anything

oh to feel again

if only once more

the lips of a lover

the death of a loved one

trying to take it all in

and make sense of it

for one day 

we all will experience

the loneliness inside a buried box

A Spurious Spectacle

a mosquito hawk walks across the table

as stir-fry is on the stove

my glass is not yet empty

so I’ll attempt to write something

a pretentious



show about one guy trying to find

love from 30 or so different women

is on the television in the next room

this show has always struck me as

implausible and doltish

we are giving one man

30 women to choose from

all bidding for attention and

throwing themselves at him

such a foolhardy and asinine scenario

this show that numerous women watch

baffles me because this same man

on any given Saturday night 

would bend over backwards to 

bend over any one of these women

but now because of the cameras

and game show backdrop

he is king shit with the king dick

able to choose his perfect mate

but in actuality

a man goes out hoping he gets to fuck

a woman leaves the house

knowing whether or not 

she is getting fucked

it’s just so disheartening and counterfeit

my drink is drained

the stir-fry needs to be stirred

the mosquito hawk is nowhere in site

3 thoughts on “Anthony Dirk Ray

  1. For one day/we will all experience/ the loneliness inside a buried box.

    Some incredible lines here.

    Would bend over backwards/ to bend over to/bend over any of these women.

    As I said, some incredible lines.


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