Stephen Jarrell Williams

Beirut Timebomb

Mind trip
on your back in a blur
staring up with eyes closed
tempting you
not to face the outside

But the bomb blew a daddy mushroom
sky-high over the port coast
thousands of windows shattered
thousands of rooms torn apart
thousands of homes in heaps
thousands of people hurt
too many killed

So-called accidental mass destruction
or demon savages letting it loose
from underground catacombs

Six explosions spaced eleven seconds apart
(The info is out there if you look deep enough)
then the main mama-moo-er climax
killing men women children and babies

Nobody knows nothing
except those
that will eventually go to hell

Their mind trip a ticking timebomb.


You should change
the way you see me,
for it is eating you up,
concaving your body
and contorting your face.

Your zombie mouth moving
before you’ve thought.
Your mind overselling
missing the mark.

Your pointing finger
bending into a fist
and you don’t even know
how to throw a punch.

At least read a manual
before you march.
Knowing the full truth
is a good place to start

You Can’t Get Away

You can’t get away from them
They’re tracking us
One way or another they’re sniffing us out

Settling in our ears
Injecting into our skin
Floating in our veins
Tinkering with our brains

But not able to change our hearts

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