DS Maolalai

Honeymoon at a cheap hotel

it was the 3rd weekend  

of the month 

but we were going at it  

anyway. we sank,  

gone oak to bedroom floor; 

careful so as not  

to stain the bedsheets. 

I was on my knees 

while she was making herself comfortable 

and I slid in, 

feeling around and wondering 

at all the stupid 

male questions, 

such as the effect 

someone’s blood might have  

on the urinary tract? 

and it was slippy too, 

wet as a well-washed tile, 

but warmer, 

and when I came  

I came hot and soft 

and onto her belly 

just to be doubly safe. 

on the whole 


there was very little blood – just the red shadow 

of my penis 

printed on her navel 

like an old round tower 

rising to cemetery view –  

but when she stood up 

and went to shower 

there it was – blossoming on the floorboards 

like we’d been fucking  

on rose-petals, 

and bright red squashes 

brushed across her ass. 

as if we’d been on our anniversary 

or a honeymoon 

at a cheap hotel 

and trying 

very hard 

to be romantic. 

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