Lynette Esposito

Death in the Living Room December 25

suicide is always questionable
like his angelic face as he lay there relieved
of all his duties.
relaxed finally…
black liquid wings feathering through the wound,
flightless arms flung out

His eyes suck me in and hold my vision
like finished art,
a watercolor painted
with blood.

Jan 22 2016

you gain a name when you are saved
like the cow that ran for freedom in Queens New York
on January 22,2016
fleeing the slaughter house with nowhere to go…
still. it
took hoof and blindly ran the streets.

I was devastated she was caught and brought back to death…

Then, my daughter called…the bells tolled but
not for Freddie….he was saved by hands who could and did
reach out and touch that beast with kindness
oh that God would do same for me.

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