Ian Copestick

Sensitive And Intelligent

I read in a magazine
the other day, where
someone said that
most drug addicts
were simply too
sensitive and too
intelligent to face the
world the way it is.
It’s the discrepancy
between how harsh
and cruel real life is,
and how beautiful they
know it could be that
causes these poor
souls to anaesthetise
themselves with heroin.
Yes ,it sounds good, and
it’s a great excuse, but of
course it’s total bullshit.
I’ve met quite a few
heroin addicts who were
incredibly sensitive, and
intelligent people.
The majority though were
as sensitive as a sledge
hammer, and about as
intelligent too.
Of course, it’s a nice thing
to read if you want to
fool yourself.
We are the best people
at doing that, if we weren’t
we wouldn’t have ended
up as addicts in the first

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