Judge Santiago Burden

My Kevorkian Alter Ego

Please go ahead jump
Put me out of your misery
You don’t have the balls
You’re all talk no devastation
This charade is an overplayed drama.
A boring non event
The only thing that has died
Is my interest
Stop with the Greek Tragedy
Cutting your wrists
Swallowing pills
Attempted O.D.’s
Pathetic cries for help
But no one is listening.
It’s embarrassing to watch
These acts of a coward
A gun in your mouth
a hair trigger nice touch
An electric appliance
in the bathtub
Use a toaster
Makes a great headline
“He’s Toast!”
These are methods sure to end it.
Your slow boat to death
Has run out of rivers
The Heroin Cocaine Oxys the Meth
Condiments used to flavor your depression
So let’s get it over with
Time to make the grand exit.
What makes you think
Anyone gives a fuck
Go ahead and jump
Make a big splash
That’ll show ’em
You don’t give a fuck either.

One thought on “Judge Santiago Burden

  1. Have to admit… Judge Santiago Burdon’s writing is SO addictive. Not ashamed to say, it’s so good, I’m totally hooked.


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