Ian Copestick

Something Lacking

As much as I love poetry,
sometimes it feels like
there is something lacking.
I think it’s because I started
off trying to be a songwriter.
Don’t get me wrong, I knew
I was no musician, even before
I had the stroke that paralysed
my left side.
I love writing poetry, and I think
from time to time that I’m pretty
good at it, but sometimes I
can hear the ghost of a tune,
rolling underneath my words.
I can feel when the chord
changes should kick in. When
it should change from a major
to a minor, or vice versa.
I still sometimes strum at my
guitar, just for kicks.
But when I can’t even play the
most basic stuff, it becomes
more frustrating than fun, and
I know to put it away.
I was never good enough
to make it as a rock star, but
still it’s a tantalising thought.
Unfortunately, poets don’t get
rich, famous or groupies.
Unless you were Bukowski,
and I’m not, and I know that I
never will be.

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