J.J. Campbell

the dreamer in me

three in the morning

and i’m thinking of this

woman i love in colorado

i often wonder if she will

ever love me as much as

i love her

but that has never stopped

the dreamer in me before

of course, now i’m in

my forties, heartbroken

a few hundred times and

noticing the end of the

rainbow appears much

larger in the mirror these


my inner child believes

i am meant to die alone

never married, no children

to hate me as i get older

but this darkened heart

still thinks of hope as

something that at least

should exist

and those lovely eyes in

colorado scream to me

in the middle of the night

one day, i hope to taste

my dreams and prove

my inner child wrong

once again

that fucker thought

i was going to be

president one day

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