Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozabal

Immense Shadow


I come to you as a shadow,

with no weight to my existence,

and if I kiss you it is just a light

brush of a breeze with eyes

closed. I come to you at night

inside an immense shadow.

In this obscurity there is no

limit to my disappearance.

In the light of day I become

the smallest shadow on earth.

Wash It All Away 

Share with me the bitter

taste of life. Partake the

sourness of lies. We can

wash away it all away 

with dreams we have

not fulfilled. In the deep

abyss where sadness lives,

let us share a room, pull

up a stool with me.  Drink

this nightmare of a world 

away with me. Before it

is too late, let us dance

our selves clean. Sweat off

the bitterness, the sour

lies, and nightmares, do

not let death have its way 

with us. And if we end up 

dead and buried, let us

make sure our souls are

not buried with our bones.

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