Daniel S. Irwin

You Don’t Have To Be a Dog

You don’t have to be a dog

To get ‘the dog shit’ beat outta ya.

That’s just a figure of speech.

Like “suck my nuts”.  Well, no.

Now that one depends on

Who’s talkin’ and who they

Talkin’ to.  So ya gotta be sorta

Careful how you use that one.

Might end up in a situation

You hadn’t really planned on.

It all has to do with articulation

And rancor of the vernacular.

A loud mouth and a loose word

Could get ya in a world of trouble.

Now, Jim Bob say he’ll never use

The dreaded ‘N’ word ever again.

He called that one woman a

‘Nympho’ and she, and her wife,

Both pulled foot long blades on him.

Luckily, he escaped with his dearly

Precious jewels.  Lesson learned.

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