Matthew Borczon

Bad beginning

When Tony

put his

father’s massive

butterfly collection

in the


it should

have been

our first



he laughed

like a mule

as his

mother wiped

the bodies

out of

the oven

looking like

tiny pieces

of onion


The almost Monk

out on

the state

game lands

a young

guy with

a buddy

and their


are trying

out his

new handgun

on the

shooting range

when he

suddenly turns

and shoots

the friend

and his


multiple times

on the

next range

a 67

year old

man sees

this then

uses his

22 pistol

to shoot

the young

man 3

times killing

him before

he can

kill all

his friends

in that

moment the

old man

is thinking

of 40

years earlier

in Thailand

kneeling in

a Buddhist


praying for

clarity as

he decides

he is

not ready

to become

the Monk

he thought

he wanted

to be

he says

those prayers

again today

each time

he pulls

the trigger.

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